Tyler, Artist & Son


Tyler Jay Harrison was born on 10-15-87 and died of an accidental heroin overdose on 1-30-14. Tyler was a passionate, sensitive, creative, intelligent and caring person.  He loved to talk, listen,  and spend time with his MOO, friends, family, and dogs. He loved to skateboard, ice skate, and roller blade. Tyler was on Dublin Scioto High School’s first ice hockey team as a freshman. Beginning around age 3, Tyler demonstrated a love of art, mainly drawing, coloring, and painting at that time. He also loved constructing designs with his Legos. As he became a little older, he was passionate about his artwork and showed giftedness and skills in art. He could paint, draw, sculpt, and he loved to photograph and use computer editing tools and programs with his pictures. Tyler won awards for his artwork as a senior in HS. After graduating from DSHS, Tyler attended 1.5 years at Kent State University, where he studied art education. Being fabulous with kids, Tyler’s dream was to become a HS art teacher. He was also interested in living in a big city (probably either NYC or Chicago) and owning his own art gallery. Sadly, Tyler never reached either dream after he became addicted to pain pills, which led to his heroin addiction. Tyler was adamant that he knew how to regulate his heroin usage and dosages. He overdosed numerous times at the house prior to his death at 26. Tyler hated being an addict and tried numerous counselors, medications, and inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers to beat his addiction. Tyler is sorely missed by his family, friends, and the world misses his artistic creations.