About Me

MOO is Vicky Harrison-an educator with a M.S. degree, a published writer, a public speaker, and a mother and wife. Vicky is the wife of Ron and the mother of Tyler and Seth. She and Ron have been married for 32 years. Vicky is in her 38th year as an educator. She’s taught regular and special education students, worked with handicapped adults, and has been a school psychologist since 1985 (except for 14 months of retirement).

Published Works

Release Me chronicles, from a mother’s perspective in letter format, the 12 years of Tyler’s drug usage and eventual death on 1-30-14. Vicky and Tyler were always extremely close and she is the one who found him deceased in his room upon returning home from work. The book contains many letters that Tyler wrote over the years, as well as police and BMV records, and pictures. Vicky wrote the book to help others understand how addiction can happen in typical families where addiction is absent and no events precipitated drug experimentation. It demonstrates that having extensive training and education & doing everything that she and her family could and knew to do, could not "save" her firstborn son.

2 Grams of Regret, A Grief Guide - Vicky is presently writing her second book


Life in Estrella Magazine, September 2017

West Valley View - 'Helping Others' article was written by one of the newspapers journalists, who interviewed Vicky as well as the director of the rehabilitation center where Vicky presented.

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