MOO is a movement to save lives. Vicky is passionate, determined, and motivated to help save lives by preventing illegal drug overdoses and deaths. In addition to prevention services, she wants to help those who are currently in recovery as well as their family members.   MOO is the nickname that her son Tyler gave to her as a young child. She is determined to help save others via Tyler’s and his family’s story.    

Vicky is in her 38th year as an educator. She taught regular and special education students, worked with handicapped adults under a grant, and has been a school psychologist since 1985 (except for her 14 short months of retirement). Vicky is a dynamic speaker who relates to each listener.  As an inspiring speaker, Vicky connects with her audience by relaying stories that help others understand that Tyler was a gifted artist from a “normal, average” family. Vicky reads excerpts from her book Release Me, shows cards that Tyler wrote to her over the years, displays his artwork, and distributes a photo album with individual and family pictures. All of these tenants help depict Tyler’s positive characteristics as a boy and man as well as his potential. Because of Tyler’s 12 years of drug experimentation and use, the family endured years of struggle with Tyler and his addiction. Vicky knows, firsthand, what happens to families when someone becomes addicted and has a compelling story to tell.

Speaking Initiatives

School Diversion Program

Vicky has presented to middle school students who have been referred in Cartwright School District to AFS, Academy for Success. These students have violated school policy and are participating in a program to help steer them in a positive direction. 

Vicky attempts to help the participants understand that Tyler started dabbling with drugs at their age, after becoming depressed and anxiety-ridden. She shows them how Tyler was a normal, creative, gifted, cute, funny boy who became twisted in life after using marijuana, cocaine, pain pills, and heroin.

Networking to Fight Opioid Crisis


 Vicky has met with and continues to work with a variety of key individuals in Phoenix working with the Opioid Crisis . Recently, Vicky was featured on Phoenix's ABC local news when Arizona's Governor signed a new law regulating opioid prescriptions.  Vicky is on the Phoenix Drug Task Force and continues to network with others in the field of recovery. 

Vicky is a member of the following organizations:

Tempe Coalition
Regional Opioid Action Committee 

The Power of Tyler's Story

Vicky shares stories that help others realize that addiction occurs in typical families with good parents and values.  She engages the audience as she shares stories and Tyler’s writing that depict the closeness that a mother and son had despite Tyler's  addiction.  Vicky speaks to students, addicts, parents, and community members.

Vicky’s ability to combine her education and experience as a teacher and school psychologist, her passion to save others, and her great interpersonal skills makes her the perfect motivational speaker for almost any audience.

Letters from Recovering Addicts

Scheduled Events


October 2018

Samaritan Works // Sidney, OH 

Sidney Ohio Community Forum

(open to public)

Sidney M.S.

MOO Presentation & Book Signing

10-4-18 from 7:30-9:30

Read Sidney Daily News Article Here

Upcoming Public Events

Youth Leadership Day

Friday, May 3rd

9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Grand Canyon University // 3300 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017 

To Register: 


Presented by the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family - Join Arizona's future leaders for Youth Leadership Day. High school students from across the state will get together to hear inspiring speakers (like Vicky Harrison from MOO - Mothers Opposing Opioids), attend leadership development workshops, and network with their peers. Our goal is for all Arizona youth to recognize their inherent skills and to help make Arizona a more prosperous state. This is a FREE event with lunch included.

Stay tuned for future events, including public speaking engagements, book signings, and more! 

Part 1: NW Library Presentation // June 2017

Part 2: NW Library Presentation // June 2017

Part 3: NW Library Presentation // June 2017