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MOO provides consultation and presentation services to the public, folks with addiction, family members of addicts, and students. The MOO presentations are designed to raise awareness regarding the consequences of drug abuse for the individual as well as family members and friends. MOO is a movement to help prevent illicit drug usage, help folks with addiction recover, and prevent further opioid overdoses and deaths.

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  Vicky Harrison is the founder of MOO. MOO is the nickname that Vicky’s deceased’s son, Tyler, gave to her as a young child. It now stands for Mothers Opposing Opioids. Vicky is the author of her book entitled Release Me, and her second book 2 Grams of Regret, A Grief Guide' is currently in the works.

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 MOO was created to educate others about the perils of opioid usage. MOO conveys this message by providing specifics about how Tyler’s addiction impacted her as well as other family members, friends, and the community.  MOO has connected with several others in the field of recovery and has compiled a list of resources for those who are struggling and their family members.

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